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Shelly’s new Plus and Pro line products build upon their existing product lines and provide new offerings that further differentiate them in the marketplace.
Shelly manufactures a wide range of IoT devices that solve a wealth of problems in a smart home. They offer a variety of:
Shelly smart home products are manufactured by Allterco Robotics, one of seven companies that make up the holding company Allterco whose headquarters is in Sofia, Bulgaria. Allterco has 20 years of experience in mobile value-added products and services. Allterco is expanding beyond the telecommunications industry and is now focusing on the development and distribution of IoT products and solutions.
Allterco Robotics introduced its Shelly line of smart home IoT products in 2018. Their products are sold in 120 countries around the world and they opened an office in the U.S in 2020. The complete Shelly line of smart home products available in the U.S. can be found on the Allterco Robotics website here.
I wrote about Shelly products back in January and released a suite of Crestron modules on my Github for integrating Shelly IoT devices into a Crestron system. You can find that article here.
Shelly has just announced a new Plus line of smart home relays with four initial Plus line products, four additional relays in their Pro line of DIN rail mountable relays, and a line of wall switches for smart relays that will only be available in Europe
The new Shelly Plus line of products builds upon the original design of their products with some important additional features. Shelly’s new Plus line products include:
The Plus line includes a number of noteworthy enhancements to Shelly’s original line of relays. Shelly Plus line devices now include a Bluetooth radio that is used to simplify and shorten the time required to set up each device. Previously, a user had to connect to a Wi-Fi SSID being broadcast by the Shelly device for setup.
For added safety each Plus line device includes a temperature sensor. In case an unsafe temperature is detected or there is a rapid rise in temperature detected the device will shut off the output(s) and send a notification. The PM products in the Plus line also include overpower and over voltage protections. If the device senses an overpower, or over voltage, condition the output(s) will again be shut off and a notification sent.
The relay shells have been unified across the Plus line and now include a wiring diagram that is printed on the shell to make installation simpler, faster, and reduce the chance of wiring errors
A faster internal processor now provides immediate notifications and real-time power consumption measurements in PM products
Shelly has improved their API with a standardized remote procedure call (RPC) interface. Shelly Plus devices also now support both MQTT and WSS protocols.
Smart scheduling and scenes are available and are based on time or sunrise/sunset.
Support for mjS scripting enables customers to create their own features and functions. Multiple scripts can be executed together based on various triggers including input/output status, sensor data, or WLAN requests. Shelly will be providing samples to help people develop their own scripts as well as a “Feature Store” where other people’s scripts will be available for download.
Along with all of these features, there is one year of free power consumption data storage on the Shelly cloud for Shelly PM devices
The Plus line is supported by a wide range of smart home platforms including Amazon Alexa, Google Home, SmartThings, Hubitat, Home Assistant, Homey, nymea, and Hoobs. I am currently in the process of updating the Crestron-Shelly driver I’ve written to fully support the Plus line of products. The Crestron-Shelly driver can be downloaded from my GitHub here.
Shelly has also announced additions to their Pro line of smart home relays that match the announced products in the plus line including:

Shelly Pro

The Pro line includes all the features I outlined above for the Plus line. However, it also includes some significant differences:

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